Tufytoes Georgios [George] : Tufytoes Dandys Lass x Ragnarok’s Milo Our Blue Point Colourpoint stud cat, from original English lines on his maternal side, and American lines on his paternal side. George has been producing good kittens for us since 2008, and is passing on his laid back nature. George has tested clear of the known HCM gene.


Kantial Jazztime [Jazz] – Lamor Polly Long Socks x Tufytoes Georgios. Jazz has a fabulous personality, good looks, and heavy boning. He has produced some lovely sized kittens who all seem to adopt his lovely laid back personality. Jazz has tested clear of the known HCM and PKD genes. Jazz has recently retired and now lives happily in Bedfordshire.




Kantial Paddington Bear  : Happytime Dawnmist x Kantial Jazztime Paddy is our new stud boy. He was the most friendly and affectionate kitten, a real example of the ragdoll personality. He has been out on the show bench as a kitten and received some good positive comments from the judges, gaining a few rosettes (including 3rd in his main class despite the judge thinking he might be a tabby!). He has now grown into a really good sized boy and has moved into his new stud quarters. Paddy has recently sired his first litter and we hope he will sire some more good kittens for us in the future. Paddy has DNA tested clear of the known HCM and PKD genes.













KantialAugustus (Gus) : Sylvannia’s Priscilla x Cheham Jessie James. Gus is a large neutered Seal Tabby Colourpoint boy, from Ellie’s first litter, whom we quite simply could not bear to part with! He is a great example of the size and temperament of an adult Ragdoll. We took him out on the show bench for the first time in 2013, and he gained a respectable 3rd in his Open Class, as well as gaining a first, a second and a fourth in his side classes. gus_col1.jpg

Woodypaws Oliver Bailey Our first and original Ragdoll, a beautiful neutered Blue Point Colourpoint boy, with stunning blue eyes. Bailey was the heart of the Kantial family but sadly passed away in July 2017 at the grand old age of 15+.  A beautiful cat in every way, sadly missed.