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Breeding update

We have now after 11 years made the decision to stop breeding.  We have thoroughly enjoyed raising these amazing cats and have met some lovely people during this time.   Breeding is very time consuming, and is expensive if done properly, and it also comes with both highs and lows, but it has been worth it.  We will really miss having those adorable kittens running round the house.

We still have a few adults who are staying with us, and one who we are still taking out to shows.   We would hope to always have one or two of these wonderful animals to share our home with.

Thank you to everyone who has rehomed our kittens and our adults, and we hope that you enjoy life with a Ragdoll or two as much as we do.

We do still have a couple of cats looking for new homes.  Please see our OLDER CATS page for details.






Now it is time for new hobbies, and some holidays.

Martina and Alan



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We occasionally have kittens available; please check our KITTENS page. 

We do not have Kittens available now but may have more later in the year, but our waiting list is currently closed.  Please check the Kittens page and when the list reopens, please email with a  little about yourself and what you are looking for. Please do not just leave voicemails – we get too many calls to reply to them all.



We will also be looking to rehome some older cats over the next year.  Please contact us, by email, if you would be interested in rehoming an older Ragdoll, telling us a little about yourself and what your preferences are. 

We have recently rehomed the following  – a lovely 8 month old blue colourpoint neutered boy and a seal colourpoint neutered girl, both happily settled in their new forever homes.



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