Older Cats

In order to maintain a breeding program it is, sadly, necessary to rehome older cats as they are retired.  We would keep them all but that just isn’t practical! At present we have the following cats available to move to safe indoor homes where they can live out their ‘retirement’.  We do charge a small fee for our rehomed cats, just to cover our costs of getting them neutered and their vaccinations and flea and worming treatment up to date, as required, before they leave us.

  • We have this retired blue colourpoint boy who is just 12 looking for a quiet home. He has lived out for most of his life in a pen so would appreciate supervised access to a safe garden. He loves attention and  would make an ideal companion for a retired couple who could provide him with the attention he deserves. He is a large friendly boy and appreciates company.


  • We will have a young blue bi-colour neutered queen available in the near future, once the boy above has been rehomed.

If you would be interested in rehoming one or both of our retired cats, please do contact us.

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  1. June Climie

    I’m emailing on behalf of my son who has grown up with my 3 Ragdolls. He recently bought his own house in Northampton and would like an older cat to rehome. Please contact me if you have any availability. He doesn’t have any other pets but my small dog visits now and then.
    Thank you.

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