We recently had a small litter of kittens and they have now all been reserved/sold.  We are not expecting to have any more kittens available.  Our waiting list has now been closed.

There is a huge demand for Ragdoll kittens and we would urge anyone looking for a kitten to only rehome one from a registered breeder, either registered with The British Ragdoll Cat Club, or with another bona fide club.



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4 Responses to KITTENS

  1. Patsy Turnbull

    Hi, my husband John and I have been retired for two years now. We took early retirement I may add. We live in Berkshire. This year our loved Nineteen year old cat died and our eighteen year old tabby died two years ago. We miss them greatly. I have always wanted a chocolate and cream rag doll having been a district nurse who had a family with one. Please consider us as a genuine loving home for one of your kittens. Thank you. Patsy.

  2. Tracie Day

    We are a family with 2 girls aged 9 and 12 and we lost our British Blue Amber last year. We would now love to welcome a Ragdoll kitten into our home as we miss having a feline family member very much. Please consider us as a home for one of your kittens. Thank you Tracie.

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