We really do love to hear news from new owners as to how their kittens have settled and especially to receive photos so that we can see how they have developed.   One particular kitten that we hear from regularly is Kantial Xylo, who has recently reached his first birthday.  What a beauty he is turning into!


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  1. Jon and Rose

    Xylo (or Basil as he is known) is a big beautiful boy. Aged about 15 months, he weighs in at 6kg. He is friendly, hungry and playful/naughty – a real character. He is a very laid back cat, with big blue eyes, a white underbelly and a white diamond marking on his back. He adores his sister Lily (a british shorthair, long hair variant). He is obsessed with running water, likes a nap after food and rarely gets any knots (unlike his sister) – next to no grooming required. We are absolutely delighted with him, an amazing addition to our family.

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