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Generally Ragdolls get on very well together but every now and then, whilst individually being very loving and easy going, there is a clash of personalities, or they just do not get on with another house member. Unfortunately you can never guarantee that every one will be happy with whoever they live, although generally they do.

5 years ago a couple had two seal colourpoint female kittens from us who settled well into their loving new home.  In 2015 they  decided to add to their ‘family’, and rehomed two male kittens; a blue colourpoint and a blue bicolour.  Despite all of their efforts, rather then the kittens settling alongside the girls, they just do not get on at all.  They have been separated in the house, but this is not a long term solution.  The owners have therefore come to the very difficult decision to rehome one of the pairs as this will be better for the cats.

If you would be interested in rehoming either the two 5-year old girls, or the two 2-year old boys please contact us by email and we can provide you with further information about each of the cats.


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We really do love to hear news from new owners as to how their kittens have settled and especially to receive photos so that we can see how they have developed.   One particular kitten that we hear from regularly is Kantial Xylo, who has recently reached his first birthday.  What a beauty he is turning into!


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