News from New Owners

” We love him to bits… Could not do without him now :-)”

“He is adorable….. thinks the world belongs to him and he has us all wrapped round his little paw! …All in all, he has made the household and all the laps his and you’re in trouble if you ignore the Little Prince!! He’s beautiful, thank you very much indeed for letting us have him.”

‘The kittens are gorgeous and have settled in well, and we would like to thank you for letting us have such lovely and well behaved kittens – they are a credit to you’


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2 Responses to News from New Owners

  1. Goldhawk Family

    Hi guys…
    Our adorable Bentley and Bailey ( Florence & Flapjack), are well settled into family life. We have all fallen head over heels. They are adorable, funny, gorgeous!! We can’t imagine life without them. I am totally smitten…no housework gets done as they both such time wasters.
    They are both always with us and have bought so much joy. Thank you for raising such beautiful well behaved and well trained kittens…we can’t believe how lucky we were to find them….Many Thanks ….

    • Martina

      Thank you for your comments. So pleased to hear that they have settled in well, and are firmly established in your hearts! We may be a little biased, but Ragdolls are wonderful cats. They are very friendly, miss you if you leave the room, and can be mischievious, but with their blue eyes, they win you round every time. Martina and Alan x

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