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We are pleased to announce we have sold all of our kittens from Mia’s first litter and are looking forward to hearing from them! We await with anticipation the first litter sired by our stud boy Tufytoes Georgios, early in 2008.


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  1. Sue Jennings

    Just a quick note to let you know that Cappuccino “Muffin” has settled into the family extremely well. We have had no problems at all, he eats well, plays hard, sleeps like a log in numerous positions and the girls adore him.

    I have now found the solution to getting the girls to wear their slippers in the house, Muffin loves tiny toes – and big ones for that matter. I am sending a link to some photos. You will see he has grown and changed colour since you last saw him.

  2. sarahzak

    Just a quick note to say Digby (aka Cosimo) and Louis (aka Casper) have made themselves right at home in their new environment. Louis is not the shy Kitten we thought he was and is in to absolutely everything!! Digby has discovered the joys of watching (chasing) the football on TV followed by a nice nap in the bathroom sink!

    Once we work out how to upload photos here we will post some!!

    Sarah and Zak

  3. Goldhawk Family

    Hi Martina & Alan…
    Three weeks in and we can’t imagine like without Bentley & Bailey ( Florence & Flapjack)..They are both gorgeous and we have fallen head over heals. Already they are getting so big but are so much fun with their own traits and personalities coming through. They are such a big part of our family now and are always with us. I personally am totally smitten with both of my little angels, my role as housewife has fallen into insignificance as they are such time wasters..!! Also just wanted to say thankyou for raising them so well…they were respectful and had bathroom manners as soon as we brought them home.
    Will e mail over some pics once I’ve managed to download them.
    Thanks again.
    lots of love, The Goldhawk Family..X

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