We do not have any further litters planned at this time.  Our waiting list is therefore now closed.

Details of any future available kittens will be given on this page. All of our kittens are born and raised in the home. We breed Colourpoints, Mitted and Bi-coloured Ragdolls.  Our kittens leave us when approximately 3 months old, being fully vaccinated (excl.Felv), wormed, vet checked, with a four generation pedigree and with 4 weeks Pet Insurance.  All kittens are registered with GCCF. Due to the nature and characteristics of the Ragdoll, we will not let a kitten go to a new home where it would be regularly left on its own all day, or where it would be allowed to roam freely outside, as the wellbeing of the kitten must come first.

We only breed from purebred ragdolls, and all of our kittens are registered with the GCCF and are vaccinated and health-checked by a veterinary surgeon twice before leaving us. If the kitten is not registered, it is NOT a pedigree, even if the ‘breeder’ provides a family tree which would suggest it is. Beware : If a kitten is cheap, it may not be a purebred Ragdoll.


September 2018 The kittens from our recent litter are now reserved/sold. We do not have any further litters planned at this time. May 2018 – Kitten update We do try to offer our kittens to people on our list in date order  to meet their  wishes but also try to match our kittens with the right ‘parents’, as far as we can.  So if we haven’t contacted you and you are on our list it is because we do not have the sex/pattern/colour or suitable kitten for you at present.   We are reviewing our waiting list and if you have been on our list for over 18 months and we have not heard from you in that time then we will presume that you have now found kittens. We anticipate having a small litter of kittens for rehoming late summer.  We will also have a couple of retired cats available for rehoming later in the year. March 2018 We have small litter of kittens and will be contacting people on our waiting list shortly.  As the list is very long now we have closed it. October 2017 We have had a few kittens recently, who we have rehomed or will have done soon. 22nd January 2017 Kabuki’s litter of lovely kittens are now all reserved/sold.  Sami’s kittens will be offered to people already on our waiting list next month.  We do not have any other kittens or pregnancies at this time so will not have further kittens available until much later this year.   December 2016 Sami has now produced her first litter for us, sired by Paddington.   Her mother Kabuki  also has a (slightly older) litter which will be available for viewing in the New Year.   11th November 2016 We have two female kittens ready now for viewing – update : now rehomed We have a 7 month old blue colourpoint boy, just neutered, looking for his forever home – now happily residing in Norfolk!!.

Nutmeg's litter

Wellington, Walnutwhip, Whisper, White Mischief and Willothewisp


Kantial Vicente – age 7 months – a big boy!

10th April 2016 The kittens from our last litter have now moved to their forever homes.   5th January 2016 We have a small litter of kittens available but do have several people on our waiting list who we will be contacting shortly.   18th November 2015 Our first litter of kittens by Nutmeg and first sired by Paddington arrived.   25 September 2015 In April Kabuki produced another really nice litter of kittens by George and we have kept one of the litter as a future breeding queen.  The other girl has been rehomed locally and the two stunning boys from this litter have now gone to join Kalypso and Kassidy in Leicestershire.


26 October 2014  We have now rehomed our lovely blue colourpoint kittens from Kabuki’s recent litter. Kabuki boy   20th June 2014 Our seal coloured boy from Dawnmist’s first litter is now rehomed.


3rd January 2014 The boys from Kabuki’s litter of kittens have now all moved to their new homes; we have however kept Nutmeg, a pretty seal mitted girl who we hope will enhance our breeding programme. These kittens seem to have all picked up Jazz’s lovely temperament.

Nightshadow, Nutmeg, Nimbus and Nelson

22nd November 2013 Willow has now produced her first litter for us, sired by Jazz.  Being her first litter it was a small litter but the kittens are really lovely, and of very good size, and we are keen to see how they develop. 12th September 2013 Jazz’s first litter! Kabuki has now had her latest litter with 5 kittens healthy kittens, this being our first litter sired by our young boy, Jazz. 26th August 2013 Our recent litter by Polly have now all moved to their new homes. 12th August 2013 We have a new litter of kittens by Kabuki. These kittens will be ready for rehoming in November. 4 January 2013  Our last litter of blue-bicolour kittens have now moved to their new homes. We will not have any further kittens until mid year.

Kantial Lennon

5 December 2012 Our recent litter (seal colourpoint kittens) have now been sold.

Kantial Ragdolls: Kalypso & Kassidy

New baby Kantial kitten

30 January 2012 All of our kittens by Kabuki are now settled in their new homes.  We will have new kittens available later this year.

Kantial Indigo & Infinity

Kantial Indiana

Kantial Izadora

16th October 2011

Kantial Huggiebear

Our beautiful kittens Kantial Huggiebear and Kantial Hollieberry have now moved on to their new homes, and the loving Hermione has stayed with us. We look forward to hearing from Huggiebear and Hollieberry in the near future. 26th January 2011 Our first kittens this year have just arrived! Here are some photographs of Guinness, Gulliver and Georgia.

Kantial Georgia

  15th January 2011 We recently had seal colourpoint male and female kittens, from Kantial Amelia and Tufytoes Georgios. These Kittens have all now moved on to new homes, and we await news from them.

Kantial Floret

Kantial Frapuccino

26th June 2010 We have had our first litter from Lamor Polly Longsocks and Tufytoes Georgios.   We had three seal boys, mitted and colourpoint. Here’s Earl, Escher and Elmo already showing typical Ragdoll behaviour at just 4 weeks of age!

Kantial kittens: Earl, Escher and Elmo

7th June 2008

Kantial kittens: Dior, Dylan, Dali and Dannyboy

We have now had our first litter of kittens sired by our stud boy Tufytoes Georgios, Dam Ellie.  We are very pleased with the kittens he has produced; Dior, Dylan, Dali and Dannyboy. 28th July 2007

Kantial kittens: Chanel, Cappuccino, Casper and Cosimo

Amelia’s first litter born. Sired by Ch. Silkiestar Centarus Sonar (owned by Heather Sabine); Chanel, Cappuccino, Casper and Cosimo. 25th May 2007 Ellie’s second litter are born, sired by Ch. Osocool Aggassi (owned by Debbie and Alan Wood).

Kantial Benjamin

Kantial Benjamin

  28th May 2006

Ellie's first litter

Kantial Alphonso, Augustus, Amelia and Alfredo

Ellie’s first litter born. Sired by Jessie James (owned by Chris Powell and Alan Wells).